Coma (comadrug235) wrote in the_reckoning,

More Godhead Goodness

It’s been a while since I went down to the knitting factory.So when I got off the train I went the wrong way..But then I found my way.And got there just before Godhead went on.So that was good.HEHEHEHEHEHE… They played for an hour.Which is way less than when they played on Saturday..*cries*..But they were still good.. Here’s the Set list that I took Cause I’m such a freak hahahahaha.

After the show we hug around and talked to their tour bus driver and I talk to Ken the drummer for a bit..Both pretty nice peeps to say the least..Jason said hi to me..But I wonder if it’s because he remembers me or he was just being nice and all.Not that I’m complaining cause his being nice is all good *L*
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